Let’s talk about the scum of Youtube and how the platform is broken

Recently  i’ve been posting a lot of video gameplay footage. I don’t actually record my voice most of the time as i feel i need to play the game without me adding commentary upon it. Straight up gaming, so i play and most of the times i record game footage that most of the time ends up being uploaded on my youtube channel. Sometimes friends of mine upload their content there, just for fun, mostly.

Like most people on youtube that upload gameplay with audio on, and by that i mean that during gameplay the original soundtrack plays in the background. You will kinda’ always be found by youtube’s algorithm and a copyright claim will be automatically placed on your video. Usually you won’t be able to monetize the content because of those songs. I recently had some issues with these copyright claims and had a strike on my channel which prohibited the streaming feature on my account. I’ll talk about that in another article.

Regarding the topic of this post, i’d like to show how fucked up is the way Youtube handles its copyright issues within the community. I played a while ago some Grand Theft Auto IV, because i wanted to go bowling with my favorite cousin, that’s why. I recorded gameplay footage and uploaded it because it was funny. I indeed got copyright claims from major recording labels, publishers and so on for the audio within the game, which was the in-game radio playing while i was roaming through Liberty City, you know, that fictional city where the game takes place.

As a law abiding citizen, i went into my Youtube dashboard and used the editor to remove or mute in some cases the song that where present in the video. Everything was fine, i actually made a lot of progress with each video, most of the songs were gone, yes, I said most. I waited a long time for each video to finish processing so I could verify that everything was in order. Yeah, when everything seems to be in working order, the shit hits the fan, because of course it did. I was browsing my video list and the “Includes copyrighted material” message was still there. But why?

Click, click…and i ended up on the page that includes the copyright notices. One song was not remove and there it a copyright claim on it, the owner had monetized it and i may be able for revenue sharing. WHAT THE FUCK?? I clicked to see which studio made the claim, aaaaand surprise. Some douchebags like the ones listed below


with some bogus accounts made a claim on my video. I’d believe it if that was true but it’s not. They made a claim on the theme song from Grand Theft Auto IV which is called “Soviet Connection” by Michael Hunter. While doing some more digging i found out that there are a lot of people with the same problem. Some piece of shit scum made a remix of the original song, posted it on youtube and now is making fake copyright claims. Don’t believe me? Just listen to the original song by Michael Hunter here and then listen to this piece of shit song called “HARBAN MEN L HABSS” right here. I’d appreciate if you’d report that account because of the way they are manipulating the copyright system of youtube.

I wouldn’t be mad, if that dude had the rights to do so. Bogus claim, piece of shit song remix, and youtube is doing nothing about this. I wasn’t even able to remove the song because of the type of claim they made on my video, so eat shit and die.

So, in other news, while continuing my research on the web i stumbled upon something interesting, these guys were also making face copyright claims on other songs and video games that contained them.

CONCLUSION: Somebody is making fake copyright claims for real songs, might i say original songs, with remixes, virtual dj crap and stuff.

What the hell youtube? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT???

So the copyright claim is for a song called “HARBAN MEN L HABSS” found in my video. Which is totally not Michael Hunter’s “Soviet Connection. The song starts at 1:30, i placed a starting point on my video so just click and view the embed video below and you be the judge.

I didn’t even manage to add a proper title or description to it because i’m pissed. Maybe i’ll do that some other time. Fuck this shit! To further prove my case, the original copyright for “Soviet Connection” belongs to Rockstar Games, so go figure how some scumbag can make a lot of money with content they don’t own, and fraudulently use it as their own. They didn’t even have the balls to leave an email or some other way to contact them via youtube dashboard. Pussies! Fucking cunts! How much more do people have to put up with the broken youtube content id system? Somebody should take that algorithm and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

I rest my case at the moment, but this isn’t the last time i’ll be writing about this. Just wait for the next article or who knows, maybe a video. If you’ve been a victim of the abuse of copyright claims on youtube please leave a comment below and we’ll talk and see what we can do about this. Any sharing of this article might help me and other people in my situation. Any insight on this matter is gladly appreciated! Cheers!

17 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the scum of Youtube and how the platform is broken

  1. Why don’t you make a video about this and post it on youtube. I’m sure this will get you more exposure on the matter at hand. Just sayin’, writing is one thing, but vlogging is a whole other thing.

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  4. Those assholes won’t get far with these kind of practices. I’ve reported that indian kid’s video btw for unlawful use of content!

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