Make Skyrim Great Again: Ultimate Guide

Skyrim is one of the best games i have ever played, i finished every single quest multiple times. At the moment the game has it’s own share of DLCs that give a new vibe to the world of Tamriel. During the main campaign you will meet people and different challenges which will lead to you having the possibility of choosing your own companion. What’s that? Simple, an NPC that will follow you wherever you may go, aid you in battle and you can also marry some of them, but that’s another story. The thing is that they can help you a lot in battle as you won’t have to take your enemies head on all alone. In this guide i will show you how to get a companion right at the start of the game, that is if you own all the DLCs, especially Dawnguard as the companion i will talk about appears only within this expansion.

So, after you have left Helgen, the place where they wanted to chop off your head you find yourself emerging from a cave with that guard that saved your life.Normally he would lead you to the first town on your route which is Riverwood, from there you will get your first quests. You now have a choice, whether to find the crypt where the NPC is located and then find the entrance of the Dawnguard stronghold in order to activate this quest.

In my case i went to find the crypt and then i went to activate the quest, as it was easier for me to teleport from on discovered location to another. If you go to the crypt first, you’ll see the door is blocked until you visit the stronghold to activate the quest. So, i guess you can choose which place to visit first. I’d recommend visiting the leader of the Dawnguard and after that go directly to the Dimhollow Crypt to find Serana.

In order to proceed, take a look here as you need to find Fort Dawnguard and here on how to find Dimhollow Crypt on the map as they not shown at the beginning of the game. You can look here as i’ve put a starting point on the video where you can find the entrance of the Fort.

In the first part of the video i found the crypt, activated the quest and then returned to the crypt to fetch Serana.

In part two of the video o battled my way through the crypt to fetch Serana.

Keep in mind that once you’ve activated Serana’s quest, you won’t be able to discard her. She won’t leave your side until you take her home to Volkihar Castle. So basically you can finish hew quest at the end of the game and she will aid you throughout the whole main quest of Skyrim. Also, in some cases the games bugs out and allow you to gain access to companions that you would discover while playing the campaing while also having Serana as a companion. For example, i managed to have both Serana and Lydia as companions. Which is awesome because you have two allies to protect you. Add some magic creature spawning to that and you’re invincible.

Now you can go back with her to Riverwood to continue your quests and exploration like nothing ever happened.


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